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Skillsweek 2023

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After nine very successful previous editions, having attracted over 200 students each year, the tenth edition of Skillsweek is currently underway. It is taking place from the 31st of October until the 2nd of November. As one of Sefa’s most popular events, Sefa Skillsweek aims to stimulate your professional interests, allowing you to improve your career-oriented, academic, and personal skills through the workshops provided. Apart from allowing you to develop yourself further, the event is an excellent opportunity for you to network, while also giving you the opportunity to interact with companies on a more personal level. In this manner, Sefa Skillsweek allows you to develop practical skills that are highly relevant beyond the field of academics.

This year, 8 different workshops will be given by experts in their own fields.  This is a unique opportunity for every student who wants to gain valuable skills they can benefit from throughout their lives.

Important! Please note that participation is free, but that there is a 25-euro fee if you do not show up.

Tuesday 31st of October

Discover your ideal career in our practical and interactive workshop, in collaboration with Studentflex – the leading staffing agency for students and young professionals. No superficial lists of companies and positions, but a deep exploration of your talents and interests. Take valuable first steps in your job search together. No more frustrations, no more futile searches. Uncover your full potential and find a career that suits you. Let us assist you in building a successful and fulfilling career. The future awaits, enroll in our workshop now!

On average you work 80.000 hours in your life. This makes your time spent working the best opportunity to have a positive impact on the world! But how do you know what sector, position, or organization fits you best? 

In this workshop, we will work with the model ‘Ikigai’. Ikigai helps you with finding the sweet spot of your interests, your qualities, and what you could be paid for in the future. What you will get out of the workshop is more clarity on your talents/qualities, as well as what energizes you, and how you can start using this self-knowledge to contribute to a better world. 

So, if you want to find out more about what makes you passionate, join the workshop! 

Would you like to develop your entrepreneurial skills, gain working experience, and solve a real-life organizational challenge? Then the 12-week (free!) training program Impact Creators Amsterdam is the place to be! The kick-off is on the 1st of November. Find more info on the program on our website and updates on our Instagram. You can leave your contact details here to schedule an introduction call.

When starting a case assignment, getting ready for case interviews, or even getting ready to start a project with a client, it is easy to get overwhelmed. How do you balance the inherent uncertainty with the huge overflow of information? How do you know what to do first? And how can you effectively and comfortably present your findings to anyone? In this training, we will provide you with the answers to these questions, as well as many more. Throughout this training, we will present you with our tried and tested methodology to case-solving and interactively work with you through an entire project from start to finish. In the end, you will feel comfortable with the entire process, know how to structure a case and be able to comfortably present your findings to your peers, C-level executives, or anyone else. No experience in consulting cases is required as we will talk you through all the fundamentals. You only have to bring your curiosity, enthusiasm, and a laptop to your journey to becoming a Student Consultant!

The training will be provided by three of our Student Consultants, who will be able to answer all your questions about cases, real-life projects, and consulting as a student. This training is aimed at anyone that is interested in learning more about how to structure (group) projects, and case interviews, and how these projects relate to the real-life impact you can make as a Student Consultant. Does this sound like you? Sign up today and we look forward to meeting you!

Do you want to learn more about us, our work, and what we stand for? Visit our website at or find us on LinkedIn.

Wednesday 1st of November

Need some help with making your LinkedIn profile look professional? During this interactive training, we’ll introduce you to all the different options on LinkedIn and show you how you can use this tool best in your career!

For 17 years, Young Financials has been helping starters and young professionals to find jobs in the Dutch top financial sector. Due to our large network, we have vacancies at the most progressive organizations. Young Financials provides intensive guidance in the process of your new job. Because of our broad network, we know exactly which career opportunities there are for you so that you can get started quickly. With us, you do not have to undergo several application rounds full of assessments, conversations, and cases. You can count on intensive personal guidance. We inform you about the position, organization, and working environment and we help you prepare for your job interview


Applying for a job… that can sometimes be quite difficult or frightening. But it doesn’t have to be! Would you like to know more about how best to conduct a job interview and what should or should not be on your CV? That is one of the things you will learn at the job interview workshop! During this workshop, two recruiters will teach you interview techniques so that you can have a good and relaxed conversation next time. There is also plenty of room for your own input. Will we see you on 1 November at 1 PM? See you then!


This presentation covers essential components to ensure that you are well-prepared to find a job in the Netherlands as an international candidate. We’ll begin by introducing ourselves as two expat millennial recruiters who will discuss your career goals and aspirations while sharing our own experiences to ensure your expectations are realistic and rewarding.

We will delve into Dutch culture and demonstrate how to adapt to the professional environment seamlessly. We will assist you in understanding what employers seek in international candidates and tailoring your approach accordingly. Gain insights into leveraging local insights and professional networks for invaluable guidance.

We’ll provide you with a practical checklist to meet legal and practical requirements and navigate recruitment agencies effectively. Discover the importance of asking thoughtful questions during interviews to assess job fit and company culture.

Join us, and together we’ll help you navigate the job market in the Netherlands!


Thursday 2nd of November

OTC Flow is an intermediary service provider that specializes in the environmental commodities market. During our Graduate Program, our sales traders learn practical information about their markets and products, as well as skills needed to do well in Over-the-counter markets. One of these essential skills is negotiation. That is why we bring to Sefa Skillsweek a fun interactive workshop designed to give attendees the strategies, tools, and skills they need to succeed in business and personal negotiations.

Through role-playing, you will find yourself in the midst of a negotiation in which you will try to close the best deal for your company. As it happens in reality, you won’t have the full picture from the beginning, and will only discover how well you “performed” at the end of the exercise.

To finish off, our experts will share their tips and tricks to improve your future negotiations!

Working effectively can be quite difficult from time to time. How do you know if you are working in the most efficient way? In this interactive workshop, we will talk about the challenges you may experience with working effectively and we will provide you with tools and techniques to help you out. Are you ready to step up your way of working? Then join us on Thursday at 3 pm!

Mazars is a leading international audit, tax and advisory firm. Operating as a united partnership, we work as one integrated team, leveraging expertise, scale and cultural understanding to deliver exceptional and tailored services in audit and accounting, as well as tax, financial advisory, consulting and legal services. With our knowledge, we provide an insight in the market, support our clients and contribute to the society.

We cannot do this without our employees, they are an important part in realizing our goals. We stimulate our collegues to keep developing throughout their career. We are putting people over processes. Collegues experience Mazars as an organization looking after its employees with an accessible managementstyle, a good work-life balance and an open feedback- and coachingculture. Choosing Mazars means that you choose your own path. Together, we can make a true impact.