Sefa Wintersports

RISOUL, 06/02/21-14/02/21

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“Our lives are going downhill”

The most exciting and sporty trip of the year is almost there: Sefa Winter sports!
From the 6th until the 14th of February, we will go to the amazing Risoul in France. In Risoul there are 115 different slopes for every level so don’t be hesitant to sign up on the trip quickly since there are limited spots!

Where do we go?
Risoul, France

When do we go?
6th-14th February

What is included?
The price of the trip is €509 + optional (equipment rental, lessons and more)

  • Accommodation: a 6 night stay above the yeti bar
  • Transport from Amsterdam to Risoul and back
  • Ski pass for 7 days
  • Exclusive Wintersports ‘21 hoodie
  • A FREE hour of beer every day
  • Cool activities on site
  • And more!

Pay only €100 now and the rest 2 weeks before leaving!

COVID-19 information
Ofcourse we understand that it might sound a bit weird to go on a Wintersport in these weird times. However, if the situation allows it we really want to organize something fun for you. Therefore, the following things are good to take in mind:

  • We will only go if the Risoul area has a yellow code. If the Dutch Government marks it orange or red, we’re not going to Risoul
  • We offer only a limited amount of spots
  • Apès Ski will be different this year but still possible! The bars and restaurants in the Risoul area organize outside après ski in which you sit outside with a maximum of 10 people per table (note: this regulation might change). Risoul offers a lot of those kind of terraces at which you will be served by a waitress. Included every day free drinking from 16 till 17!
  • We are working on an alternative evening program that will be announced shortly before we leave, because of the changing regulations
  • You will get your 100 euro back in the form of a voucher which you can return into money within 6 months
  • Make sure that you have a good cancellation insurance in case you get corona before we leave. You can also buy this one at the Skifest website.
  • You probably have to wear a face mask in the bus. A face mask is also obligated in stores and inside restaurants in France.
  • We are looking into possibilities to give everyone a quick test before entering the bus
  • What happens if you get symptoms or get tested positively at corona when we are in France?
    • Person + roommates are going into quarantine till you have proven to be negative. Skifest will try to arrange some additional rooms in our accommodation so you can quarantine there. Almost all travel insurances cover those kind of expenses so make sure that you have an insurance (or buy one at the website of Skifest)
    • If you are tested positively when we leave, unfortunately you have to stay there at you can only fly back when you are negative again. Note that those costs will be covered by almost all travel insurances so again make sure that you have an insurance or buy one at Skifest.
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