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The pandemic can be lonely sometimes, especially if you are far away from home. During normal times you encounter lots of new people every day but the current restrictions make this hard. Therefore, we have come up with a way to meet your fellow students and possibly make new friends!

Studying requires time and discipline, and the latter is sometimes in short supply. It is also possible that you have not studied for a while due to a period of illness or other circumstances, and you need to get started again. Or perhaps you have fallen behind with your studies and your motivation has suffered a little? When situations such as these arise, it may help you to arrange to meet with other students to study together, work on catching up together and getting back on track, or making sure that you stay on track.

Fill in the form below and we will match you with your peers and arrange an introduction video call. 

*We are linking you to your fellow Study Buddies by using Whatsapp. Please make sure you will download it on your phone if you don’t have it yet!

A few activity sugestions:

  • Discuss course material to be better prepared for the upcoming exam
  • Have a (virtual) drink together.
  • Have a chat and share some thoughts during your break from studying
  • Watch a movie or series together:
  • Play some online (board) games together: