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Task Description

The main goals of the Supervisory Board are to prevent the Sefa Board from managing an unfavourable policy with regards to the association and to make sure that the way decisions are made is correct. The Supervisory Board of Sefa has three main tasks: controlling, advising and motivating.

The Supervisory Board monitors the functioning of the Sefa Board on behalf of the General Meeting (GM). This is mainly done by examining the board’s weekly minutes, quarterly financial statements, the half-year and end of the year reports. The Supervisory and Sefa Board meet every eight weeks to discuss the status of the Sefa Board’s policy plan and the finances of the association. Furthermore, the Supervisory Board is involved in the search and selection of new Sefa Board members.

The Supervisory Board advices the Sefa Board on the difficult issues that arise during a board year: these can be association-related issues, but also issues of a personal nature. The Supervisory and Sefa Board meet once a year to discuss the future of the association, which results in an updated version of the Sefa long-term strategy.

A board year can be demanding and stressful at times. The Supervisory Board tries to support the Sefa Board as a whole, but also individually. Every Sefa Board member is matched up with a member of the Supervisory Board: this way the individual board members always have someone to fall back on.

An overview of the tasks of the supervisory board

  • Controlling
  • Advising
  • Motivating

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