Blog post #6: Sefa Study Trip,

"the opportunity to reach new heights"

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Sefa Study Trip, “the opportunity to reach new heights”


Having participated in the Sefa study trip 2021, I can testify that this experience is one that makes you grow intellectually and interpersonally while constantly offering opportunities that could easily grant this.

Sefa study trip is going this year to Madrid which is one of the most important cities for business in Europe, because of its great infrastructure and the skilled workforce available. Additionally, Madrid is an international mega-hub, connecting businesses across Europe and South America. These reasons make Madrid the perfect location for this year’s study trip.

By joining us on this trip, you will have the opportunity to exchange academic knowledge in an international environment driven by global change, which is a great support in developing an inclination for finding business solutions to real-world domains. For this, we have prepared company visits including business case studies, workshops and presentations. We guarantee an experience where you will be using and learning new skills which help in tackling important business quests while achieving high-minded goals. This experience can help you learn new essential business skills and bring you a step closer to a successful professional career in international business. All is done while forming meaningful bonds and bridges and connecting with the local community of the Faculty of Economics and Business of UvA. This 8-day trip will be a memorable experience, including interactive company visits, engaging activities and fun club nights, that you will never forget!

Olivia Gega, Committee Study Trip 2022/ Study Trip the Netherlands 2021

Previous experiences:

Sefa Study Trip has provided me with the opportunity to get to know various businesses, meet lots of new people and most importantly have a lot of fun. By participating in various cases & presentations, you really get to know the working environment of the companies and, therefore, quickly will learn which kind of companies really interest you.

Mathias Terpstra, Study Trip the Netherlands 2021


The Study Trip organised by Sefa gave me insights into how to come up with a creative solution to difficult problems from a company’s perspective. Also, I learned a lot from observing how other students approach cases. Besides the serious side of the trip, I also truly enjoyed the social activities and parties during the week. I fondly look back on my Sefa Study Trip!

Minnemijn Kooi, Study Trip the Netherlands 2021


The Sefa Study Trip to Vancouver was one of the highlights of my Bachelor! You get the chance to explore a different city, learn about a new (business) culture, visit some interesting companies and create new friendships! Travelling with a very social and ambitious group is what made the experience even more memorable for me, as we were always doing fun activities in our free time! Sefa Study Trip to Vancouver is a trip I’ll never forget and would recommend to everyone!

Mitzy van Gelder, Study Trip Vancouver 2019

Sefa Study Trip Committee 2021 / 2022