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We are Sefa’s Student Party!

Sefa’s Student Party is one of the parties at the Faculty of Economics and Business, competing for places in the faculty student council (FSR). Sefa’s Student Party is the party from Study Association Sefa.

As list Sefa, we strive for inclusivity of all students, and to improve the academic, social, and career success for all economics and business students. We are here to represent your interests and to give power to your wants and needs of the university!

We happily invite you to discover our party programme and learn more about our vision, values,  committee members, and the five core pillars of our campaign—which have been created thanks to listening to the problems that the students of our faculty face and creating creative and pragmatic solutions for these problems.


What is the FSR and how do I vote?

The Faculty Student Council (FSR) is a democratically elected institution representing all students from a certain faculty (in this case: the Economics and Business faculty). The FSR is in close contact with the Dean of its faculty and is consulted before important decisions regarding the faculty are made. Moreover, it can promote its own policies and initiatives and possess the veto right. One out of the ten members of the Economics and Business FSR also sit in the Central Student Council (CSR), where they can influence policies regarding the whole university. This year the elections for FSR are held between the 8th and 12th of May 2022. The parties participating in this year’s elections are “Sefa’s Student Party”, “020”, “Inter”, “New Democrats of FEB” and “SLAAFS”. The elections are held online, and the students will have the possibility to vote through a link sent by the university.

Remember: Voting is important! Your vote is your voice and every vote can be decisive to shape our faculty’s and university’s future.


What is Sefa’s Student Party and what do we stand for?

Sefa’s Student Party, affiliated with the Study Association Sefa, is one of the parties at the Faculty of Economics and Business, competing for places in the faculty student council (FSR). An important fact to consider is that List Sefa is the only party that focuses solely on the Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB), and not the Central Student Council (CSR). As a result, our mission and vision are very specific to our faculty, making it much more relevant.

Sefa’s Student Party stands for a progressive and inclusive learning environment. We are committed to enable students of all backgrounds to feel comfortable during their studies at the UvA to maximise their skill development. Like Sefa itself, we strive for a balance between academics, professional life and social life by complementing the studies with internships, more job opportunities, and also more social activities.

Now that we are returning to offline classes, we should be careful to not throw out the baby with the badwater. Students have indicated that they like the flexibility of online learning, but also like the interaction of physical classes. The UvA should help students, by having the lectures be online, either recorded or streamed, and to have options of following tutorials online in case you cannot follow the physical classes.


Brief introduction to our new policy

This year Sefa’s Student Party recognizes 5 main problems regarding our university that we’d like to solve. These main issues include: Academics & Career Prospects, Mental health, Housing, Diversity,Inclusion & Social life and Sustainability

Sefa’s Student Party is known to focus intensively on academics & career prospects. We strongly believe that each student deserves ideal studying conditions and services to reach their full potential. We want to raise awareness on existing academic & career prospects at the UvA, improve the quality of education and for exams we like them to be corrected faster and more efficiently, have the guess correction decreased, more resit periods and have non-exam available days (for example the day after kingsday).

Mental Health is a big issue for Sefa’s Student Party as we believe that without the proper guidance and mental stability studying is practically impossible. We would like to have the UvA hire more professionals, have a clear point of contact for students to go to when facing mental/psychological problems and let tutors be the first point of contact by giving them sufficient training too.

The Housing Crisis is beyond the reach of the FSR, Sefa’s Student Party focuses on providing realistic solutions to the problem utilising the already existing infrastructure at the UvA. Additionally we will push for solutions on a higher level to make sure that the housing problem is addressed at higher levels up the administration.

In 2021 of the 340 000 students that were enrolled into a Dutch University, 23% were from abroad. At the UvA from the around 8000 bachelor students almost 40% are internationals. Additionally, the number of foreign students increased by 33% compared to 2020.(ANP,NL Times, 2021) The international students are a crucial asset for the UvA; coming from different nationalities and backgrounds, they play an indispensable role in increasing the diversity of thought and the positive extent of a progressive and open-minded environment. Furthermore, we accentuate the need to better accommodate the students with special requirements, emphasising a fair and non-discriminatory treatment for all.

In terms of sustainability, Sefa’s Student Party aims to focus on changes that are feasible and aim towards incentivising students to move towards a more sustainable lifestyle, not only on  campus but also incorporating sustainability in their personal habits. Additionally, we also aim for more transparency from the university regarding environmental issues.