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List Sefa is the political party for the Study Association for Economics and Business (Sefa) here, at the University of Amsterdam. Our unparalleled passion for empowering Dutch and International students to perform and feel at their best is in our party’s pedigree. Our slogan “Building student success together!” exemplifies what we strive to accomplish—a strong sense of academic, social, and career success for all economics and business students which can only be achieved in collaboration with the students and UvA management. We happily invite you to discover our party programme and learn more about our vision & values, our dedicated committee members, and the three core pillars of our campaign—which have been created thanks to the large number of survey responses we received from you, the students of UvA!

Our Vision

Quite simply, our vision is to improve the quality of your student experience in Economics and Business at the University of Amsterdam. This goal can only be truly achieved if students feel a strong sense of success in their academic performance, social environments, and career preparedness. We understand that each student is unique and has their own perception of what success looks like to them. Success can take many shapes and different understandings. Therefore, our policy and plan of actions are guided by your unique concerns. Together, with you and the UvA management, we want to voice your greatest concerns and create meaningful changes that will raise each student’s experience at UvA to the next level. A new experience in which you feel you have the academic, social and career preparation tools, support and cooperation needed to feel successful!

Our Values

Guided by your concerns, our behavior and actions reflect the values we stand for:

Proactivity, Consistency, Development, Equity and Sustainability

It is with these values that our policies will be realized. List Sefa aims to build student success together by lifting the voice of students to the ears of management so we can all listen first, then act on meaningful solutions to enhance your student experience.