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As fellow students, we understand the importance of having a customized study programme that meets our unique ambitions and goals in an environment where we can excel and achieve our own success. Your goals can be achieved once the quality of education is of the highest standards possible and the conduct of exams is organized in ways that you as a student can excel. Accordingly, our party programme for achieving academic success encompasses a healthy mixture of widely ranging identified issues and solutions that we believe will contribute to enhancing your academic experience at the UvA:

    1. Permit Dutch or English exam answers
      1. Give Dutch and International students the preference of answering exam
        questions in their native Dutch or English language
    2. Shorten exam result waiting time to two weeks or less
      1. Timelier results will reduce student anxiety of waiting for scores
    3. Proactive communication for OER (teaching and examination document)
      1. Ensure students have access to exam policy documents and understand the content
    1. Limit unnecessary waiting time between class
      1. Improve the learning focus for out-of-city commuting students
    2. Flexible attendance policies
      1. Enforce attendance when possible, while considering each student’s unique
        circumstances, such as work or volunteer commitments next to studies
    3. Extend library hours on weekends & increase quiet study space seating
      1. Empower students to study around their schedule with adequate space to do so
    1. Complement offline learning with online learning materials
      1. Support the timely access and use of online learning materials
      2. Implore professors to upload lecture slides prior to each class for better student
        preparation and understanding of the material
    1. Apply consistent quality controls for all tutorials
      1. Ensure both students and faculty are satisfied with learning outcomes achieved
    2. UvA Application process and selection methods
      1. Proactive communication of the selection process
      2. Clarify expectations for academic performance and student life at UvA

In addition to academic success, List Sefa also wants to feel successful in your social circle and the UvA community in Amsterdam. We have a clear understanding of the issues that students enrolled at the Faculty of Economics and Business face, and thereby want to show our persistence and determination to create a more fulfilling and inspiring overall student experience for both our international and Dutch students. Accordingly, we have voiced your concerns for improving student life categories that will contribute to enhancing your overall experience at the UvA.

    1. Free Dutch language student partnership program
      1. Free Dutch lessons for international students taught privately by Dutch students with a pairing system in a partnership program
      2. Sustainable solution that empowers international students to learn Dutch, and rewards Dutch students with teaching experience and a study credit
      3. An intensive, one-day training workshop to equip Dutch student with material and
        teaching strategies
    2. Week-long Orientation Week, giving all new students an equal start
      1. Social opportunities to integrate into the UvA community
      2. Educational seminars and information so all students gain a confident understanding of university policies, expectations, and access to learning tools
        and materials
    3. Spring Break week in March
      1. Full spring break week in March for students to use their time for additional
        studying, social interaction with their family and friends, or community projects as
    1. Guaranteed housing placement for all first-year Dutch and international students
      1. Guaranteed housing options for first-year students needing accommodation in Amsterdam
      2. Option for international students to extend into their second year of study
    1. Facilities on campus to inspire collaboration and innovation
      1. Relaxed and inspiring environments to foster discussion, creativity, and innovation
      2. Equipped with the necessary technology and resources to feel productive (including whiteboard tables and walls, projectors, etc.)
    2. More common spaces with comfortable seating for social interactions
      1. Comfortable chairs and sofas with working tables and multiple power outlets
      2. Alternative areas when the libraries and cafeterias are overly crowded
    1. Implore faculty management to optimise waste management, resource usage, and energy management
      1. For instance, through the investment in solar panels to reduce energy costs that can be reinvested in education

List Sefa understands that each student’s career path will be unique. While some students are exploring their passions and talents, others are narrowing their focus on specific industries. Wherever you may be in your personal progression, we want you to feel successful in your career preparedness and ultimately your career success as an UvA graduate. Whether you are looking for a mentor in your desired career field or want to develop the skills necessary to feel confident in your future career, we have voiced your concerns for improving career preparation that will contribute to enhancing your overall successful experience at the UvA.

    1. Create an alumni partnership programme for all bachelor’s and master’s students
      1. Pair students with UvA alumni who are eager and excited to help students broaden the network or learn more about their industry in a supportive way
      2. Offer practical networking experience with the desired level of guidance for contacting their alumnus/alumna and maintaining a professional
    1. Invite business leaders from a variety of industries
      1. Offer networking opportunities for students and speakers after each presentation
      2. Including (but not limited to) investment baking, consulting, disruptive technologies, social media marketing, non-profit organizations, fashion, coding, etc.
    1. Regular on-campus recruiting events for bachelor’s and Masters students
      1. Ongoing on-campus recruitment opportunities with major companies on a
        monthly basis
  4. Improve communications for work and volunteer opportunities
    1. Communicate Sefa and all student association work placement opportunities
      1. Offer job-shadowing and voluntary work experiences to students unable to get a work permit
      2. Assist with employment permit application process for non-EU students
      3. Empower advisors at student services with knowledge and resources for work opportunities, the application process, and insurance required