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A Board Year At Sefa

Sefa is one of the largest study associations in the Netherlands. Together with 350 active members and 250 company contacts, we organize over 125 events per year for more than 6500 members.

During a board year, you will be working full time within a team of highly motivated board members. You get the opportunity to develop your social, organizational and professional skills. You learn how to lead and supervise committees, create a long-term strategy and organize great events! Besides developing yourself at a rapid pace, it’s also a very relevant upgrade of your resume which is highly valued by companies. Do you want to kick-start your career? Become part of the 101st Sefa board and lead the organization in 2022/2023.

Application Timeline

  • 10/04/22 – Application Deadline
  • 11/04/22 – 22/04/22 Interviews
  • 26/04/22 – 02/05/22 Selection results
  • 31/05/22 – Transfer period
  • 04/07/22 – Start of Board Year

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Email one of the board members to plan a call or a cooffee meeting and hear all the possibilities and personal experiences!
  • Chairman, Noa Widdershoven
    • chairman@sefa.nl
  • Operational Officer, Beau Schellekens
    • operational@sefa.nl
  • Treasurer, Gift Ndenda
    • treasurer@sefa.nl
  • Commercial Officer, Daan Visser
    • commercial@sefa.nl
  • Human Resource officer, Minnemijn Kooi
    • hr@sefa.nl
  • Marketing Officer, Tom Heckmans
    • marketing@sefa.nl
  • Information Strategy Officer, Lex Haak
    • iso@sefa.nl
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