About us:

VodafoneZiggo is a Dutch provider of cable television, internet and mobile telephony. We are the driving force of the Dutch digitization, but also the builder of the network of the future. We use the power of technology to make society stronger. Enjoyment and progress with every connection. VodafoneZiggo makes valuable connections, between people and for people. 

The world is getting ever more connected.

Connectivity and communication have become the pillars of our society and economy. But connectivity is so much more than smart connections between networks or the technique we use to make contact. In the end, life is all about feeling connected. With each other, with the things that matter. So people, companies and society can progress. That is why the mission of VodafoneZiggo is: enjoyment and progress with every connection.

What we offer:

Are you a recent graduate looking for the ultimate career kickstart? VodafoneZiggo gives you a one-year opportunity to get to know yourself and VodafoneZiggo better with a Discover traineeship. Still studying? Get to know us better with a (graduation) internship.