UvA Brug Sefa

Daan Boele van Hensbroek

Information Strategy Officer

Daan Boele van Hensbroek

Age: 24
Study: MSc. Entrepreneurship and BSc. Work and Organisational Psychology
Supervisor of the following committees:

  • Research Project 2019
  • Master Career Clubs: Business Administration and Entrepreneurship
  • Sefa Social Consulting Group
  • Active Members Events

Introduction and Task description:

My name is Daan Boele van Hensbroek and I am currently the Information Strategy Officer and Vice Chairman of the 97th Sefa board. Last year I finished my MSc. Entrepreneurship and organised the Sefa Entrepreneurship Day, through which I further increased my knowledge on the startup and scaleup phase and the local startup ecosystem. This board year provides me with the opportunity of further expanding my interest and experience in data and IT and applying it in scaleup setting where innovation is key.

As Information Strategy Officer, I am responsible for IT and the collection and analysis of data for Sefa’s data-driven strategy. After 96 years of Sefa there have been a lot of career, social and educational events, however, there is a lack of useful data gathered and stored about these events.  My job is to create an environment where this data is documented properly, stored efficiently and used to support all ongoing processes. All in all, this foundational support will lead to higher quality and more efficiency within all levels of the organisation.

An overview of the tasks of the board

  • Data management & data analysis
  • Responsible for all Salesforce activities; from user adoption to development and innovation
  • Responsible for the general organisational strategy
  • Justifying and supporting the strategy of the organisation by providing clear numerical facts
  • Finding software related solutions and improvement of current systems

Contact information: