Eugenia Lampiri

Human Resources Officer

Main Partners

Eugenia Lampiri

Age: 23
Study: MSc Business Economics: Neuroeconomics

Supervisor of the following committees:

  • Masters Career Club
  • Case Club
  • Amsterdam Case Competition
  • Mentor Committee
  • As Good As New
  • AGAN Trips and Activities
  • Introduction Camp

Function description
The Human Resource (HR) Officer of the Sefa Board is responsible for recruitment, selection and retention of active members of the association. As HR Officer you are the first contact person for students that want to become active within one of Sefa’s committees. You promote active membership and recruit new committee members, which is crucial for the existence and future of the association. As HR Officer you are responsible for the application and selection procedure for all committees. Finally, you are responsible for coaching and retaining active Sefa members to ensure that every student gets the most out of his or her active membership at Sefa.


  • Promoting Sefa’s active membership and recruiting new members
  • Informing potential new Sefa members
  • Develop efficient and effective application procedures
  • Select students and conduct interview sessions
  • Coaching and retaining active members
  • Providing growth opportunities for active members
  • Keeping the member administration up-to-date.

Typical traits
Social, enthusiastic, entrepreneurial, creative, team player and open-minded.

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