Eva Dijkstra

Operational Officer

Main Partners

Eva Dijkstra

Age: 21
Study: BSc Business Administration

Supervisor of the following committees:

  • TedxUniversiteitvanAmsterdam
  • Sefa Skillsweek
  • Sefa Career Week Junior
  • International Student Committee
  • Sefa Store Committee
  • Sefa Social 1
  • Sefa Social 2

Function description
As the Operational Officer of the Board, you have a diverse role. You are responsible for coordinating the Sefa Store; everything from the stock acquisition to the sale management of the UvA Merchandise, online study books, and coffee contracts for all students at our faculty are your responsibility. The Operational Officer is also in charge of the office management as well as internal and external communication of the association. Besides these tasks, you have a relatively free role within the Board. There is room for personal initiative and innovative ideas that are in line with Sefa’s mission and vision. You know the ins and outs of the association which makes you the ideal support and sparring partner for the other Board members. Being able to multitask and switch rapidly are characteristics that come in handy when fulfilling your tasks.


  • Facility management for Sefa events and committees
  • Responsible for internal and external communication of Sefa
  • Responsible for the Sefa Store
  • Maintain a positive relationship with employees of the EB faculty
  • Making sure the statutes and internal regulations are being followed

Typical traits

Team player, punctual, efficient, flexible

Contact information:

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