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Isa Turkenburg

Age: 20
Study: BSc. Economics and Business Economics
Supervisor of the following committees:

  • Sefa Skillsweek
  • Sefa Investment days
  • Active Members Events
  • Sefa Wintersports
  • Ams Unlocked

Function description

As Treasurer, you are responsible for the financial position of Sefa. This means monitoring every euro spent by the association and you are responsible for all in- and outgoing cash flows. But it’s a lot more than just controlling. The Treasurer is also responsible for making financial plans and helping the board and all committees set out a financial strategy. You will make sure that your fellow board members and all the committees spend money in the most efficient and rational way. To do so, you are closely involved in all aspects of the organization. Furthermore, the Treasurer has an important role during the General Meetings by justifying the financial choices made by the board. This includes preparing Sefa’s overall budget and realization and giving an adequate explanation


  • Creating Sefa’s financial policy, budget and financial statements
  • Have a complete overview of the financial position of the association
  • Manage and authorise all in- and outgoing cash flows
  • Guiding the committee treasurers and having good insight of the committee budgets
  • Manage Sefa’s insurances and tax matters

Typical traits
Punctual, reliable, stress-resistant, confident. Experience with Excel is preferred

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