Mark Szucs

Vice-chair & Strategy Officer

Main Partners

Mark Szucs

Age: 23
Study: MSc. Finance

Supervisor of the following committees:

  • Room for Discussion
  • Research Project
  • Masters Career Club
  • Investment Day
  • National Consulting Competition
  • Grand ball


Function description

Information Strategy Officer
As the ISO, you are responsible for the technical aspect of Sefa. This means managing the google workspace environment for members, ownership of websites, and implementing technical tools for Sefa functions. The ISO focuses on the digitalization of Sefa and supporting the organization with our IT systems.

The vice-chairman assists the chairman on a strategic level. The vice-chairman is also an important partner when it comes to negotiations and meetings with members of the faculty. Next to that, the vice-chairman helps out with the management of the executive committee and focuses on long-term strategy.



  • Ownership of website
  • Supporting users with IT systems
  • Managing Google workspace
  • Implementation of Salesforce
  • Data collection & usage
  • Digitalization


Typical traits
Punctual, reliable, stress-resistant, and confident. Technical experience is preferred.

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