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AGAN Boat Tour Waitlist (Sold out – only waitlist)

Please note that the event is sold out, and this is only a waitlist. Your participation is not guaranteed. We will inform you if there is an available spot for you.
Sefa organizes the AGAN Boat Tour just for first-year Bachelor students interested in joining the As Good As New committee. The As Good As New (AGAN) committee is a perfect introduction committee for both Dutch and International first-year students. With approximately 35 other As Good As New’ers you will organize events and drinks for your fellow students. This committee is a really fun way to start your student life and gain experience in organizing events at the same time. The AGAN Boat Tour is the best moment to get to know Sefa, the AGAN mentors, and to ask all the questions you have about joining the AGAN!

It’s also THE opportunity to get Anton to drink regular beers (not 0%). Only drink (with) the best!

For more information about the As Good As New committee click here.

We hope to see you on Thursday,  8th of September. After signing up you will receive more information regarding the location.

Please read the communications updates carefully. In case you have any remaining questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at