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Amazon Speaker Event

From 📦Boxes to Boardrooms📊: Amazon’s Career Secrets

Room for Discussion is delighted to announce our interview with the Chief Commercial Officer of Amazon Benelux, Michelle Goderie!

Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the world, taking in more than $500 billion in revenue last year. Despite that they are still struggling for market share in the Netherlands and Belgium – all because of the immense dominance of

Will Amazon be able to dethrone or will Amazon be doomed forever to the no. 2 position? Why has Amazon not been able to compete with in the Netherlands? How does one get to the position of Chief Commercial Officer? What is more important for Amazon, profit or planet? If you wanna get the answer to these questions and more, join us at 13-14h, on Thursday November 30th, for our interview with Michelle Goderie, CCO of Amazon!

This event is a collaboration between Room For Discussion and Sefa Career Week.