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Borrelmaand : Beer Pong 2022

Update: tickets for the Beer Pong Tournament are SOLD OUT. 

As part of our Borrelmaand, the highly anticipated Beer Pong tournament is finally here! Do you believe you are as good at throwing the ball into the cup as you are at drinking beer? Whatever your answer is, this is the opportunity to test yourself and see! 

Registration will be per team of maximum 3 people. One member of the team requires to be an Active Member, who can sign up through the Sefa website when logged in. Sign-ups will open later in the month, and you buy one ticket for your team which includes a “beer tax”. All teams are expected to wear a team uniform, best team outfit will be rewarded! There is only a limited amount of spots, so keep an eye on the Sefa event page and Instagram Story (@sefa_amsterdam).

This is THE opportunity to make Anton drink non 0% beers! Choose your teammate wisely, and start training now! If you are not in the mood to compete in the Beer Pong tournament, you are more than welcome to join for a beer at Cafe Parck and cheer for fellow Sefa members.

Please fill in this form after purchasing a ticket and only if you are an active member ! 

Don’t fill in the form if you don’t have a ticket – the form won’t be accepted otherwise 

Where:  Ping Pong Parck

When: 20.00, 9th of November

Who: Open to all members of Sefa & friends