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Career Week 2018

The Career Week is a five day campus recruitment event aimed at matching students of the Faculty of Economics and Business from the UvA with some of the top companies in their field. Hosted by study association Sefa, we welcome all 6000 Sefa members for a unique introduction into their future careers. Career Week includes days revolving around Finance, Economics, Business, Digital, and Consultancy respectively. This year we introduce a ladies night for ambitious women interested in working at one of the big four consulting firms, on November 29th. During and at the end of each day, students will have the opportunity to further meet recruiters through diverse and unique activities such as cases, presentations, high wines, lunches, dinners, and much more. Through this unique event, we strive to connect UvA students with recruiters in their field of choice, making the first strides in the direction of their future career with this personal interaction experience.

Application deadline: November 11th

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