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Diederik Samsom: The Green Deal: the European Plan to Save the Climate and the younger Generations

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On the 5th of November at 13:00 Room for Discussion will interview former leader of the PvdA and nowadays one of the architects of the European Green Deal; Diederik Samsom. We will interview him for one hour at the central hall of the E-building and in that time we will touch upon several topics within the Green Deal. First of all, together with Samsom, we will discuss the package of measures the European Union has made as a response to the climate change. Thereafter the discussion continues towards potential failures within the Green Deal and the European Member States. So, join us during this conversation if you’re interested in the potential of the Green Deal and discover what kind of consequences it will have for our generation. Last but not least, during the interview you will of course have the possibility to ask Diederik Samsom some pressing questions!

Who? Diederik Samsom
Where? Central hall of the E-building, Roeterseilandcampus
Interviewers? Renze de Keiser & Floyd Bonder
When? November 5th, 13:00 – 14:00