Digital Strategy borrellezing

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Digital and Technology are important but often misunderstood topics on the CEO’s strategic agenda. At BCG’s Technology Advantage (TA) practice we bring together business insight and (information) technology to achieve extraordinary impact for our clients. Are you interested in getting to know TA at BCG? Our Digital Strategy borrellezing gives you a peek into our kitchen!

This evening we will take you into the world of cyber security in an interactive way. You’ll have the chance to ask all your questions about what it’s like to work on real strategic technology topics at the world’s leading strategy consultant. Furthermore, there will be plenty of opportunity to discuss any questions you might have on working at BCG. Doors are open from 17:30 o’clock and the evening will end at 20:30 o’clock with drinks and bites!

We kindly ask you to register for this event without an application, since there will be no selection.