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ISC Museum Night

In the night from 3rd till 4th of November the International Student Committee will go with a group of international and dutch students to Museum Night.

It is the one night in the year where you can explore 50 museums all around Amsterdam. There are workshops, concerts, special tours and performances, as well as, food and drinks. Take a romantic walk around Artis or a selfie with the Nacht Wacht at the Rijksmuseum. The committee will show you all the highlights of the night!

More information on the program will follow soon! Buy your ticketĀ now*!

* NOTE: it’s only possible to buy a ticket if you are a Sefa member. You cannot buy a ticket for someone else as this person won’t be allowed to join the event. You won’t get back your money if you do buy a ticket for someone else. We have only one ticket per person available.