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Lustrum: Opening: The Royal Scandal

Lustrum: opening party

Let’s get scandalous! In a week we’re kicking off 100 years of Sefa at Bar Rouge. Life’s too short to have a clean track record, so on the 2nd of May we’re celebrating our mistakes and we’ll make lots of new ones together.

You will be welcome at Bar Rouge (below Supperclub) located at Singel 460, 1017 AW Amsterdam. Doors open at 20:00, please make sure you arrive before 21:00, as at 21:00 we raise our glass together during the official opening. A cloakroom is present at the venue. Doors close at 01:00.

Dresscode: Scandalous

Time to fill up the kissing tree, and start off the lustrum right with some drinks, music, snacks, and amazing performances by drag queens. (All included in your ticket price)

Lastly, we still have some final tickets available. The party is open to anyone so invite your friends and introduce them to the beauty of Sefa!

We can’t wait to see you all and dance together to 100 years of Sefa and 1000 scandals!


Ticket: €10, or Passe Partout

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