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Master Career Club Finance: ABN Amro Risk & Clearing Event

Interested in working for Clearing or Risk Management? Great news! We are receiving ABN AMRO Clearing and Risk Management on campus.

ABN AMRO Clearing is a leading global securities services provider clearing over 16 million trades per day and covering 85 exchanges worldwide. Also, a strong and sustainable bank relies on sound risk management! ABN AMRO Risk Management secures a sound risk/return-ratio and maintains a bank-wide moderate risk profile with its in-depth expertise and advanced analytics.

At the event, we will have seven employees from the ABN AMRO departments, including 1 board member and 1 recruiter. The event will begin with a presentation about ABN AMRO and the work they do in their departments, as well as their recruitment process. There will also be interactive elements incorporated within the event and students will have enough time to ask further questions. After the presentation, we will have drinks at CREA for students to network with the employees. This event provides a great opportunity to get a deeper insight into ABN AMRO and their possibilities.

This event is open to all 3rd-year Finance and MSc. Finance students.