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Sefa Active Members Day

Sefa Active Members Day event

What: Active Members Day

When: 8th of June, from 15:00/15:15 (including dinner)

Where: Bijlmer bajes

For who: 80 Active Members of Sefa

Price: 10 euro


A day in jail…

Dear active members, for our first Active Members Day we wanted to organise something special. So after a lot of thinking we thought: what would be better than throwing all of us in jail for a day!

Of course we won’t be locked up all day and there will be lots of beer, but we will see the inside of a prison. Not just any prison, but the Bijlmerbajes!

At this active members day we will participate in a game called ‘Who is the wrong guard’. For our Dutch active members, maybe you all know the tv-show ‘Wie is de Mol’? Well, today is your day to shine, because that is exactly what this game is! We will do this game with all 80 active members competing against each other in 4 teams. And of course at the end there will be a price. We will do 6 different games and activities all in the former prison. During the event will go into the cells and even to the isolation rooms. Do you even dare to go into the basement?

It is the goal of the teams to get as much money as they can, so they can win the game. But it is not that simple though… In every team there will be a wrong guard, this guard will try to sabotage his team and make sure they earn as little money as possible. It is his or her job to do this as good and as sneaky as possible. If he or she succeeds then he is the real winner of the game! So buy your tickets now and keep an eye on your friends because on that day, trust no one…