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TEDxUniversiteitvanAmsterdam 2023

TEDxUniversiteitvanAmsterdam is back for a seventh edition!

Join us on the 8th of November to learn more about fascinating topics surrounding our general theme unveiling dimensions. This theme delves into hidden layers, diverse perspectives, and deeper insights into various concepts. All speakers stimulate critical thinking, open-mindedness, and the pursuit of diverse viewpoints for a richer understanding. Which truths and hidden dimensions can you unveil?

We hope to see you all at Boom Chicago on the 8th of November. The doors will open at 18:30 with the event starting at 19:00. Learn more about this event on the official TEDxUniversiteitvanAmsterdam website and get your tickets on the right side of this page.


Proudly, we introduce you to the seven TEDx speakers of this edition:




Juan Campoo

Juan is an Award-Winning Coach and Amazon #1 Best-Selling author. He has coached, trained, and taught to more than 13.000 people around the world, either 1-on-1, in groups, or through self-paced online courses.

Juan’s mission is to lift humanity’s consciousness and eradicate unnecessary suffering, by giving people the tools to transform and evolve, becoming active co-creators of a caring world where all living species can thrive.

He helps individuals, leaders, teams, and organizations not just change, but transform and evolve, through transformational coaching, training, workshops, and keynotes that create true long-lasting impact.




Lora Luna Hoogendijk

My name is Lora Luna Hoogendijk, I am 26, born and raised in Amsterdam but I have spent quite some time in Latin America and the Middle East. I love languages: I learned Spanish and Italian and I am now learning Arabic. I am on the road to becoming a neuroscientist, as currently, I’m currently doing a psychology master’s in Brain and Cognition in Society. After my master’s, I will pursue a PhD. I am also working on becoming a music artist, a singer, and a dancer. By doing both academics and arts, I strive to enjoy both passions and express my complete identity in my career.


Viona Terleth

Viona has a 20+ year corporate leadership background. She has successfully developed and coached large teams, managers, and Millennials for years. Out of frustration years, she switched her career to generational culture & leadership developer. She truly understands the challenges that Executives, Managers, and Young Professionals experience with each other in the workplace.




An Gaiser

An Gaiser has a background in social work and started her career as a probation officer. She was involved in reporting and advising the court on the problems of suspects and their risk of recidivism. She also accompanied ex-prisoners for many years. After more than nine years, she switched to the General Intelligence and Security Service (AIVD), where she worked until 2019. In this role she applied her knowledge and experience as a security researcher and screener in politically sensitive environments. In 2017 she also became Managing Partner of the Institute for Non-verbal Strategy Analysis. Between February 2022 and February 2023, An Gaiser was also Senior Manager Forensic Integrity & Compliance at KPMG. Since 2021 An also runs her own consultancy firm, An Gaiser Consultancy.






Ferry Zandvliet

Take a moment to recall when you were at your happiest. You’re likely thinking of an experience shared with people, with those you care about. Perhaps you were moved by something beautiful, something special, or tears rolled down your cheeks from laughter. And maybe there was even physical contact. A touch, a hand holding yours, or a genuinely intense hug. You feel alive and are present in that moment, connected with yourself and those around you.

I, Ferry Zandvliet, am concerned. Concerned that we are increasingly losing our connection with each other. Kids are playing outside less, teenagers are addicted to their smartphones, and we are working remotely or in a hybrid manner more often. While we desperately need human interactions to be truly happy and to feel connected with our colleagues and the companies we work for. Feeling connected creates an environment where you can truly be yourself. I am convinced that you can express something of yourself, show a piece of humanity, in everything you do in life. Whether you’re a garbage man or a lawyer. Showing your true self and daring to be vulnerable is indeed the way to connect with the world. You invite others to do the same in this way.

Why am I so passionate about this? After surviving the Bataclan attack, I found myself lost in a maze of caregivers, questionnaires, and protocols. Do you think that really helped me? Partly, a little of course, but the most fruitful help came from people who did not hesitate to show their human side when I desperately needed it. A doctor who gave me her cell phone, a police officer who hugged me when I was struggling.

Listen to my story about the human touch.

Ferry Zandvliet Professional Hugger



Jessica Cobb

Founder, inventor, and emerging technologist, Jessica Cobb reveals relationships between humans, nature, and technology. How we navigate the familiar and foreign from inner space to outer space influences our sense of self and furthermore impacts the world around us.  Through the practice of “inventure”, we can use human and machine ingenuity to develop future fitness and cultivate deeper connections between industry, education, individuals, and the planet.




Pauline Moret

Pauline Moret’s mission is to educate people about HIV/AIDS and to help put an end to the stigmatization of people living with HIV.

She was born in the Netherlands but has lived, studied, and worked throughout Europe, the USA, and in Asia. Fashion management and communication were her main expertise until she decided to deepen her practice and teaching of yoga and meditation.

In 2006 her life took an unexpected turn when she ended up in hospital with an acute hiv infection. Since then she has dedicated most of her time to voluntary work, public speaking & personal development. It is her passion to educate and inspire, share knowledge and life experience, and be of service in a positive and motivational way.

It remains her personal goal to continue breaking down the stigmas around this global issue by informing and educating others.

Besides this passion, she also works as a yoga & chi kung teacher, freelance model, promoter, fashion consultant, and documentary maker.