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Indonesia – International Week

Indonesia International Week

International Week Indonesia

05/08/2018 – 18/08/2018

Highlights included:

  • Jakarta:
    • Visit the UI campus
    • Learn Indonesian
    • Visit the Istiqlal Mosquethe Jakarta Cathedral
  • Yogyakarta
    • Visit Keraton Ngayogyakart
    • Tamansari Royal Bath
    • The ever glorious Borobudur temple
  • Bali
    • Visit Uluwatu temple
    • The Blanco Rennaisance Museum
    • Of course hours of beach time!

Important: This International Week has an additional participation fee. Next to your own plane ticket and €35 contribution to Sefa, you will have to pay $250 USD. This will cover all activities of the program (accommodation, food & drinks, transportation, entrance fees, etc.)

Application deadline: Friday the 18th of May