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The Changing Democratic Party

The Democratic Party is changing.From establishment to non-establishment; from centrists to progressive; from universal basic income to the abolishment of private insurance, it seems odd that one party can encompass the vast differences in policy proposals, sentiments, and ideologies that are taking place within it under one name. With the election of President Donald Trump, we’ve seen dramatic overhauls within the United States Congress. If there is one thing that unifies the Democrats, it’s an unparalleled hatred for the current President of the United States. However, will a common strive get rid of the current president result in deeper cuts within the Democratic party? Or will the new nominee reveal the new face of the democrats, rather than a break off from it? With George Blaustein, senior lecturer of American Studies at the UvA, we will do our best to understand, predict, and discuss the future of the Democratic Party.