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Tom Standage: Deputy Editor of the Economist

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2020 was a year of crisis and shock, and there is still much about how the pandemic will change our societies that we do not know. We’re talking to Tom Standage, deputy editor at the Economist, to get an insight into how the repercussions of this past year could play out. Mr. Standage has a degree in computer science and engineering and he has been a science and technology writer for The Guardian and The Daily Telegraph. His role at The Economist focuses on the website, the application, and its digital platform. Given his areas of expertise, we’ll be asking him some big picture questions about technological change over the past 30 years, the potential for a tech-led productivity boom in the near future, and how this might interact with our society and our politics. We’ll also discuss the state of journalism and public debate today, and how these have been impacted by the pandemic.
What: Podcast
Who: Tom Standage
When: 28th of January 13:00-14:00
Where: Online
Interviewers: Abel van Toorn & James Creedy
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