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Ubuntu Amsterdam Marathon

Cycle For Charity!

South Africa, a beautiful country, has major socio-economic challenges. Some statistics 30%+ is infected with HIV, 50% is unemployed and 80% of the population is below 34. This makes life extremely challenging as you can imagine.

In addition, many of the children live at or below the poverty line. To break the circle of poverty education is key. For education to be effective, children not to be well fed. It is a well-known fact that improved nutrition leads to better school performance. Many of the children are not sure when they get their next meal.  That’s were Ubuntu Mundo steps in: providing a daily, healthy meal!

Ubuntu Mundo serves on average 600 children a daily warm meal. We operate 2 community kitchens in the Northeast of South Africa. Local community leadership has communicated that due to Ubuntu Mundo meals school attendance has improved as well as school performance! Ubuntu Mundo was founded by former Chair Roland Oosterhout and his wife Cecilya Bravo.

At our first kitchen we have developed a substantial vegetable garden. Those veggies are used in the meals and sold to community members. A first step to sustainability! Although this is a first step to be self-supporting, we still rely on the support of many people like you to keep the kitchens running. So if you can, please join us in feeding children all year round  ❤️🔵

You can help them continue their efforts by supporting them in the Amsterdam Marathon on October 15th! 

Given the success of the running team and that not everybody loves or can run, they are going to add a new challenge to Ubuntu in Amsterdam: cycling for Ubuntu. 

To make the Ubuntu Ride both doable and at the same time challenging for non-cyclists as well as seasoned racers this will be a 42k cycling ride on…  regular city bikes! So if you are not running on October 15, want to challenge yourself and are motivated to raise funds for the children of Ubuntu, please join us for the Ubuntu Ride. 

The Ubuntu Ride will finish together with the runners at Jack Dish and to give it a true Ubuntu flavour they will serve a South African snack halfway.

If you are interested in joining and biking along with Sefa, sign up here: 

To get more information about the amazing work Ubuntu does, visit of follow their instagram