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New in store: UvA Merchandise

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The Sefa Store offers more than Books, E-Books, and Summaries. You will also find other products that are essential during each phase of your study.


– Coffee €1,25
– Espresso €1,25

– Notebook €1,00
– Pencil  €0,50
– Pencil Sharpener €0,60
– Triangle Ruler €0,50

– USB Stick €10,00
– UvA Calculator €5,00







UvA Merchandise

The UvA Merchandise products are new this year in our store! We sell hoodies, sweaters, t-shirts, hats, mugs, and notebooks with 10% student discount! The following products are only a part of what we offer. In the Sefa Store you will find much more products!

– Black Hoodie €35,99
Comes in the following sizes: (S/M/L/XL)

– Grey Sweater €26,99
Comes in the following sizes: (L/XL)
Fits smaller to size


– Mug €6,29

– Notebook €2,69
Comes in 8 different colours: (Black/Purple/Red/Dark Green/Lime Green/Blue/Orange)