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Active Members Events

The Active Members Events committee is responsible for two of the most well-known social events for Sefa members; the Active Members Weekend and the Active Members Day.

Firstly, the Active Members Weekend is a weekend full of activities which are organized at the start of the academic year. Secondly, the Active Members Day is a single themed day with activities at an external location. For instance, last year the Active Members Day was held at the Bijlmerbajes where a special activity was held with food, drinks and partying at the end.

What can I learn as a committee member?

By participating in the Active Members Events committee you get to develop your organizational skills. Moreover, you will learn how to organize a full event from start to end, and everything that comes with it. Lastly, you will have a great time with your committee and all other active members!


Willem-Jan Webbink, Chairman Active Members Weekend 1 2017

“At the end of October 2017, the first Active Members Weekend of the 2017/2018 academic took place! This year it all happened in the well-known, beautiful city: Ommen! On the first night, Sefasts transformed Ommen into an Ancient Greek city, where beer was drunk heavily instead of Romanian wine! The next morning hit everyone in the face, however, energy for another party-night was found back after a tough game of soccer. On Saturday night we went to the former “Hanzestad” Zwolle, for a Halloween-party in café ‘T Vliegend Paard’ (The Flying Horse). During this weekend more than 50 members have partied, laughed, experienced crazy things, but most important, made memories together which they will never forget!”

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