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Organise the largest recruitment event in Amsterdam

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The Amsterdam Career Days (ACD)

The Amsterdam Career Days (ACD) is a five-day career event for students who are eager to discover their tomorrow. Each year, over 70 companies participate in the ACD. This event is especially suited for students with a background in Economics, Business Administration, Econometrics, Finance and Accounting.
The program of the ACD is compiled carefully. You can participate in presentations, cases, workshops and individual meetings with a wide variety of firms. Moreover, there is the possibility to get in contact with companies during lunches, high wines, sushi or barista workshops and dinners.

What can I learn as a committee member?

As a committee member, you are responsible for organizing the largest career event in Amsterdam. You learn how to act within a professional environment and acquire interesting companies. The budget needs to be managed well and a marketing campaign has to be developed and implemented in order to attract all ambitious students of both the UvA and the VU. As a committee member of this career committee, you gain relevant practical experience that will provide you with a head start when you will be standing at the beginning of your future career one day.


Sebastiaan Hersmis – Chairman ACD 2018.
”The 23rd edition of the ACD turned out to be a great success! Together with a committee of 8 people, we introduced several new elements to improve this already great concept, and with great success. Already being Sefa’s largest event in terms of prestige, participating students and revenue, a record-high amount of companies participated in this year’s edition.
Organising such an event is challenging, but very rewarding. Over the year, the entire committee developed their communication, organisational and leadership skills. As chairman, I was involved in all aspects of the event, from incorporating the general marketing plan to motivating the acquisition team to the practical coordination during the event itself. All in all, a great experience!”