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Equipping aspiring EB students with the knowledge and experience necessary to succeed in the future consulting world

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Looking for an opportunity to connect with the Dutch corporate scene? To test your academic skills on real business cases? All while growing both personally and professionally with fellow inspiring students from all over the world? Join the Sefa Case Club! 

The Sefa Case Club, previously known as ABS Case Society, is a student association at the faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Amsterdam attempting to apply academic theory students learn in a practical way through solving real-life business cases. Business cases are documents written by company professionals that detail a problem that a certain public organization or private company is encountering. The topics covered range from finance to corporate social responsibility (CSR), and from marketing to digital innovation. Cases are typically solved in teams of 4 students, in a timeframe ranging from 3 to 28 hours, and are presented to and judged by a panel of academic staff, consultants, and industry professionals. To train our members and prepare them for international case competitions, we host training, workshops, and case days throughout the year.

Sefa Case Club combines preparing ambitious students for international case competitions, as well as organizing the Amsterdam Case Competition.

  • Sefa Case Club

Sefa Case Club is divided into the managing committee and a team of case solvers. The managing committee is responsible for training the team of case solvers to solve real-life business cases in groups of ambitious students. Next to that, the managing committee is responsible for organizing the Amsterdam Case Competition. The team of case solvers is being trained and the case solvers that demonstrate excellent case-solving skills can be selected to represent the University of Amsterdam at international case competitions.

  • Amsterdam Case Competition  (ACC) 

During an entire week, 12 universities will send their top students to Amsterdam. As the managing committee, it is your task to accommodate, transport, and entertain these students, and to make this prestigious case a success in close collaboration with the university. If you are up for a big challenge and a lot of fun, join the managing committee of the Sefa Case Club! The ACC committee delivers an unforgettable and engaging competition experience to competitors by developing and leading a new and highly innovative event schedule and inviting good judges and interesting companies for the cases.

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