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Sefa Investment Days

This year we are organizing the Sefa Investment Day again! The Sefa Investment Day responds to the upcoming trend of investing amongst students. A lot of students want to invest, but hesitate to actually enter the stock market since their lack of experience. The Sefa Investment Day aims to introduce students to the world of investing and encourages you to participate in the stock markets. During the day you have the possibility to work on cases and join workshops. Themes will range from ‘how to select a stock’ to ‘a day in the life of an algorithmic trader’.

The Sefa Investment Day takes place in May. The first edition was really succesfull and many interesting companies joined our event: Rabobank, AFS, NNIP and DEGIRO.

What Can I learn as a committee member?

By participating in the Sefa Investment Day you will work in a team of four ambitious and investing-minded students. It is the perfect way to challenge yourself. Depending on your position you are going to guide your team, acquire companies, create and retain the budget or create attractive promotion materials. You will develop your organizational skills, learn how to deal with deadlines and how to act within a professional business environment.