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Esmée Grim

Supervisory Board

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Hi There,
My name is Esmée Grim and I am currently working at ING as a Financial Market Specialist. We try to help large corporate companies and banks from all over the world cover and mitigate their foreign exchange risks on a day to day basis.
In 2019-2020 I was the HR officer at Sefa, it was a very challenging year, as in March the Covid pandemic started. As a board we tried to keep all active members as involved as possible. We did online drinks, organized events outside in smaller groups when we were allowed again and restructured our way of working, more from home instead of from the UvA Buildings. It was great to feel that everyone still wanted to have their social contacts through Sefa and enjoyed the events we organized (some very last minute), we could even do some career events online!
What I think is most valuable about Sefa is the group feeling there is throughout the association. All the committees you can join, all the events you can participate in, I have met so many nice people during my time at Sefa. Sefa will always remind me of a great time I had while I was studying at the UvA!