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Isa Turkenburg

Supervisory Board

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Hey there,

My name is Isa Turkenburg and I was the treasurer of the 101st Sefa board. Looking back on my board year, I think of a lot of fun but also valuable lessons I shared with my board members and members.
Currently I’m still finishing up my bachelors in Economics and Business Economics with my major in accounting. My role as treasurer during my board year made me realize that this was the perfect fit for me, providing me with the motivation to continue my studies.
In the beginning of my board year I experienced a lot of challenges with the finances. After some hard work I accomplished not only a small restructuring of Sefa’s finances, but especially a restructuring of the finances of Amsterdam Career Days. Collaborating with the controller of Aureus, we developed an entirely new structure within the committee, which will benefit us in the future.
During my years at Sefa, I made a lot of new friendships and experienced a lot of fun events. However, one of the most memorable nights for me was Ladies Night. We had an incredible night with everyone, and I think for a lot of people this will be a night to remember.
I hope that, in my role as a member of the supervisory board, I can give advice to the Executive board and guide them during their board year.