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Are you a recent Bachelor’s or Master’s graduate keen to make a good start on your career? There’s no shortage of offers, but how do you choose? And where will you learn the most? What sort of work is best suited to your qualifications, interests and skills? And what makes you happy? iTrainee can help you to answer these questions, launch your career and find the employer that suits you best.

Why you should choose iTrainee
Our traineeship gives you the chance to discover what makes your heart beat that little bit faster. You can develop the skills that you’ll need in the workplace, such as giving feedback and dealing with conflicts, while we soften the landing by finding an employer that really suits your needs.

Learn all about business processes and IT
The traineeship introduces you to a whole range of pathways in the business sector from HR to Sales, Marketing, Finance and Logistics, so that you can find out where your interests lie. At the same time, we work on developing your IT knowledge. Why? Because these days, IT plays an essential role in day-to-day business operations and so every part of an organisation is dependent on IT. By developing your knowledge and skills in IT, you are improving your prospects on the job market.

Exploring IT with SAP
We use SAP, the world’s most commonly used Business Application Software, to help you learn more about IT. This is not only useful if you have a degree in technology, but also for business graduates. SAP is all about optimising business processes in logistics, HR, sales, marketing, finance, management information and procurement. Organisations such as Hema, Heineken, ASML and Nationale-Nederlanden all work with SAP software. So young, talented people with an understanding of SAP and business processes are in great demand.

How the traineeship will help you
We have already helped hundreds of talented young people to launch their career as a business analyst, consultant, data scientist, BI specialist, low-code developer or other specialist. In your new role, you could start by developing new applications for healthcare, automating warehouses with robotics, or designing new processes for a finance department. You can choose a career that you will really enjoy.

So is that it? No. Many of our trainees develop into another role within their first three to five years, such as team lead or manager. Or they start their own business. The sky is the limit!

How the traineeship works
Starting at iTrainee means starting a challenging programme; in the first three months, you will follow a course in SAP taught by our experienced trainers. You could see it as a continuation of the degree you have just finished. You will learn about the business side of IT, and gain experience of the technical side of the software. In addition, you’ll be working on your soft skills. These are the skills that are useful in the workplace and when dealing with clients. They include the ability to work in teams, to give feedback, to be convincing and to plan & organise.

Matching & specialisation
As the traineeship progresses, we will start looking for employers that suit your preferences. We are on the look-out for your dream job; the location, sector, field and of course the business culture that suit you best. Once we have found a match and both parties are happy, we will sit down with your potential employer and draw up a training plan.

Depending on the job, you will specialise in a particular field. This specialisation process is designed to teach you the tricks of the trade and is different for every trainee. It may even be possible to earn additional certificates in certain jobs. Once you have finished a specialisation, you will spend the rest of your traineeship working for the employer of your choice full-time. This period covers 15 months.

Low-code: combine your business skills with technical knowledge
When choosing a specialisation, you can opt for HRM, finance, BI, logistics or another field. We can also offer a specialisation in low-code development. During this specialisation, you learn a fast, accessible way of developing applications, working closely with the people who use the application. So why is this specialisation so interesting? The application of low-code is becoming very popular in the business sector. Demand for talented people who have mastered this new form of application development is booming.

Your qualifications
You have graduated with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree. The traineeship is aimed at young, talented people with a degree in the field of business, finance, logistics or organisation studies.

Not just for IT graduates
You do not need a specific background in IT to be eligible for our traineeship. It might help, but it’s not a deal breaker. It is much more important to be predisposed towards maths and science and have an interest in IT. You will have to take a test beforehand so that we know that you are capable of following the programme and are sufficiently motivated to work in IT. We can teach you the rest.

What now?
If our traineeship appeals to you and you want to know whether you’re eligible for the iTrainee traineeship programme, take the test!

If you have any questions or want to make an appointment to meet us, please don’t hesitate to contact our recruiter Imke: +31(0)62 938 3845.

You can also visit our website, where you can read through the information again, as well as some testimonials written by our trainees:

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