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Mentor Committee

Guide first years' social mentors and organize fun activities

Main Partners

The mentor committee is in charge of the FEB’s social mentors, who are in charge of all first-year students and their experience with student life!

Recruit social mentors to connect them with groups of the 1st year students that they are responsible for.
Guide them through the whole year, and organize events for them.
Throw a huge party for the whole faculty at the end of our term!

You get appointed in May, and then you get to set up a campaign to find 35 social mentors.
Then an exciting month of interviewing mentors and team building with them just before the summer holidays.
Then you arrive at UvA in September as excited as you can possibly be. Because you are just about to meet a huge group of 1st-year students. And a lot of hustle to connect them with their mentors
Then there is a period for a couple of months when you constantly organize events/meetings/parties for your mentors and kids.
You end your term with a great party (It calls blow-out by tradition). That party has some sort of reputation and no way how you are allowed to make it somehow less than the greatest party of the year.
And you finish your term in February being best friends with kids and mentors!
Ah yes, and you are doing tours for potential students from time to time.

You develop your HR skills, you learn how to organize and coordinate a great number of people. It’s all about the social aspect, monitoring the climate within your group, and keeping them motivated.