We are QConcepts.
An accountancy firm with a mission: we want to ensure that you and all other accountants continue with
their interest in this profession. That is why our people is our first priority. With us you can be yourself,
you get all the space you need to do what you are good at and you can develop yourself in the direction
you want.

We focus on Audit
We focus specifically on performing annual audits while delivering high quality to our customers. How
will you deliver this? It is up to you! We like to exceed customer expectations and in our own way. Of
course, you have your own ideas about that. At Qconcepts you take on the role that suits you.

Your development is important
Within our organization, we work with self-managing teams, in which everyone takes the role that suits
them. This means that you choose in which sector(s) you want to work. Within each of our sector
specializations, you will find experienced Q’ers. They are therefore perfect sparring partners and can help
you get better at your job every day.

Something for you?
Would you like to start your career within Qconcepts? Then contact us and maybe you can fulfill one of
our exclusive traineeships.

Curious about our self-managing teams? Then visit our company website.