Main Partners

Sefa organises over 150 events per year divided in four main categories: career, academic, international and social. We are always looking for companies as a partner in creating a successful event. For more elaborate information about our events. Please contact the Commercial Officer.

Below, you can find a short overview of our largest events.

General Career Events

Amsterdam Career Days (1 March – 5 March, 2021)

  • Amsterdam Career Days is the largest and most prestigious career event of Amsterdam and is organised in cooperation with Aureus (VU).
  • Five-day event with over 90 companies and 2000 students offers different possibilities, among which: case studies, presentations, individual meetings, informal recruitment activities and/or trainings.
  • Visit the website for more information.

Career Week (23 November – 27 November, 2020)

  • The Career Week is a five-day career event located at the Roeterseiland campus.
  • Five themed days (Finance, Business, Economics, Consultancy and Digital)
  • 35+ companies and 500+ students

Career Month Junior (April, May 2021)

  • Educational days about the different study tracks for first-year-students. The companies that participate in these days have the possibility to tell students about their industry and company by presentations, workshops, Q&A sessions, lunches and network drinks.

Skills Week (26 October – 29 October, 2020)

  • Three-day event
  • Focused on the development of the Professional, Academic and Personal skills of students.
  • Workshops trainings to develop skills

Specific Career Events

Master Career Clubs (Continuous)

The Master Career Clubs are organized by Master students of Sefa. Each Master track has its own Master Career Club that organises interesting activities in collaboration with companies to prepare them for their career.

Sefa Entrepreneurship Days (May, 2021)

Sefa Entrepreneurship Days is an event especially organized for Entrepreneurship students. The event provides students with hands-on, practical knowledge with regard to process of starting up their own business. Companies can participate in the fair or give workshops to meet the students.

Accountancy Tour (October, 2020)

Every year, Sefa organises the Accountancy Tour in cooperation with Aureus (VU). The Accountancy Tour consists of four in house days and a combined company dinner. During these days students with an affinity for accountancy have the opportunity to get familiar with this industry.