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Main Partners

Besides taking part in our activities, we can help your company with the promotion of your traineeship, business course, event or your company in general. We are always willing to advise on how to reach our students or help you with exposure, both online and offline.



We offer several opportunities for organizations to promote on the Sefa website and to reach students. The website has over 5800 visitors per month. We offer the following possibilities on our website:

  • Top Vacancies and Events highlighted on the homepage.
  • Company profiles with website link on the company profile page
  • Temporary banners on the homepage for brand awareness
  • Promoted company activities in the event calendar
  • Vacancies on the vacancy platform

Social Media

Another opportunity to promote your company, vacancies and events is via our social media channels.

Sefa composes carefully selected target groups for our social media channels to reach all relevant students. We offer the following possibilities for social media:

  • Instagram post
  • Instagram story takeover
  • LinkedIn post
  • Facebook post (optional: specific target group boost)


As the faculty association, Sefa offers different services to students of all tracks and study phases. This means that almost all students of the faculty are a Sefa member. We offer the possibility to send direct mailings to all our members divided into specific target groups. We also offer the possibility to send an Amsterdam-wide mailing together with study association Aureus of the Vrije Universiteit.

Finally, we offer the option of a nationwide mailing to students in Groningen, Rotterdam and Amsterdam. The five biggest Economics and Business Faculty associations, EFR and STAR from Rotterdam, EBF from Groningen and Aureus en Sefa from Amsterdam, offer the option to mail their students at a reduced price and using only one contract.



Sefa is located at the heart of the Faculty of Economics and Business, which gives us the opportunity to directly reach students. Every day, thousands of students walk by the Sefa store and every month, all students of the faculty buy their summaries and study equipment at our store. We offer the following possibilities at our store:

  • Physical banner
  • Advertisements on TV screen