ING - Case

The ING Group Case Study will be run by the Group Treasury (GT) department.

We will start with a 30 minute introduction of the department and discuss the critical importance of the treasury function within a bank.  GT is the gatekeeper to ING’s solvency and funding profile and combines the teams (1) Capital Management, (2) Balance Sheet Management, (3) Investments and Issuance, (4) Market Risk and Execution and (5) Treasury Operations.  GT is a trusted advisor to the Management Board, the local management teams, and business leaders.  GT’s aim is to steer the business to a business mix that makes optimal use of scarce financial resources and improves returns for the bank as a whole.  GT is also a professional markets player and is on top of all developments in financial markets and the regulatory environment.  We execute the balance sheet strategy, hedge market risks that arise from ING’s commercial activities (focusing on funding, interest rate and FX risks), and take a proactive approach towards market opportunities.

The case study will have a focus on capital management within a regulated banking environment.

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